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Ats 48 sweeper scrubber combo industrial floor cleaning machine

ATS 48 LPG / Battery Hybrid

Take a look at the all new ATS 48 sweeper scrubber combination industrial floor cleaning machine. The combined cleaning solution. The American Lincoln ATS 48 are complete floor cleaning solutions as they can sweep, scrub and dry in a single pass or be used for just sweeping or scrubbing depending on the application:

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Dulevo road sweepers 5000 Evolution

Dulevo 5000 Evolution road sweepers range

If what you need is an all round sweeper delivering 100% dust control, maximum productivity and low operating costs, the industrial and street sweeper Dulevo 5000 Evolution is sure to fit your needs.

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Dulevo 120 Sprint ride-on-sweeper

Dulevo 120 Sprint Sweeper

Dulevo 120 Elite is robust reliable and silent. It meets perfectly all kind of industrial cleaning and hygiene. The 120 Elite has been designed to improve quality of the work conditions and place.

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Dulevo Nitro Line 505


The new line of the Dulevo Nitro 505 walk-behind scrubber-dryer has been designed to obtain unrivalled cleaning performance and efficiency.

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Scrubtec 871 C Scrubber / Dryer

Alto Nilfisk Scrubtec 871 C Scrubber / Dryer

Alto Scrubtec 871 C Scrubber / Dryer The new SCRUBTEC 8 series of scrubber/dryers from Nilfisk ALTO represents a significant step forward in cleaning equipment efficiency.

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Gritting trailers and complete gritting solutions

Lincoln Cleaning Technolgy – Gritter Trailers For Effective Gritting Solutions

VCS 1.2D (Variable Controlled Spread) Gritting Trailers

The VCS 1.2D trailed spreader is built specifically for use with suitable towing vehicles. Its twin axle chassis is fitted with automatic brakes and axle suspension for use in car parks, Distribution Centres and town centres.

Simply hitch onto the towing ball or pin of the vehicle, plug in the standard 7-pin lighting socket, as used with any road going trailer and away you go! Simply Key start the Yanmar Diesel engine and use your fog light switch inside your vehicle to switch a hydraulic valve on and off, this starts and stops the spreading action! The hydraulic pump is driven from a the Yanmar Diesel engine; this provides ample power to drive the pozi-feed twin augers even with wet material.

The VCS 1.2D has features that make this trailed salt spreader stand out from its competitors – Its braked and suspended twin axles enable it to travel at a high road speed between sites and therefore allow shorter shift times, the large 1.2m³ capacity allows for less fills on the shift. Its 6 to 8 metre spread width allows it to treat sites quickly and effectively. The augers feed the salt accurately applying the salt precisely and therefore saving money on over applied salt and time with un-required fill ups.

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  • 1.2m³ Hopper
  • Width – Only 1.97 metres wide with an overall length of 3.76metres.
  • All metal work blast cleaned, prior to zinc rich powder prime and finished in Polyester Powder Finish.
  • Hydraulically driven spinner, with adjustable spread width from 1.8m to 6m with symmetric and asymmetric patterns achievable.
  • 60 Litre hydraulic tank “Pozi – Feed” double Auger providing positive salt feed even with wet material, adjustable application rates from 0 to 150kgs per min driven hydraulically through a heavy duty planetary gear box.
  • All hydraulics driven from a hydraulic pump coupled to a Yanmar Diesel Engine with Key Start.
  • Galvanized pitched mesh which can be opened.
  • Twin axles fitted with suspension and automatic brakes, road going wheels and tyres.
  • Jockey wheel and handbrake.
  • Full Road Lighting kit with high quality lighting components.
  • Stainless Steel fasteners used through-out.
  • No control boxes, simple use of the vehicle fog light switch controls the spreading action.
  • Fluorescent markings on the rear
  • Unladened weight 930kgs.
  • Maximum laden weight of 2600 kgs